How does Party Shot Photo Booth work?
Walk in the booth, push the color or black & white button, and pose. Our monitor will countdown while allowing you to view yourself as you show us your Party Shot!

When do I get my photos?
Your Photo’s print on the spot and will be ready by the time you step out of the booth.

Is there a limit to how many photos we can take?
You and your guest can take unlimited photos for the entire duration of your event.

Will someone from Party Shot Photo Booth be at my event?
We provide professional hosts who will create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests from start to finish.  Our hosts are also technically trained to operate, and ensure that you get the best use of your photo booth.

How is Party Shot Photo Booth different from other photo booth rentals?
We don’t look like your average photo booth because we’re not your average photo booth company. Our custom enclosed design allows for optimal performance and total privacy; which, enables you and your guests to be as creative as they like.

What is a green screen?

Green screens are often seen on movie sets or on news stations as anchors report the weather, but these screens are often used for photographers as well.

Green screen photography is when a picture is taken of a person in front of a green backdrop and then computer software takes out all the green in the photo. From there we can add any kind of background behind or in front of the person we just took. The computer software will automatically merge the two images together.

Green screen is a great option. Let us put your guest in a themed scene at your event. Movies, magazines, red carpet, concerts, exotic places, and famous people. Options are endless with green screen photography creating one great fantasy photo.